Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm New To This.

Something nagged at me to make a blog. For what purpose I have no idea. I hoenstly do not think my life is all that interesting nor amazing. With that being said, stay tuned. 
There isn't anything for you to know. Atleast not at this time. My name is mine and it's confidential, feel free to call me Mara. In Elf it means Priest. Which I am definately not.
I Heart Dinosaurs.

Now on to real business.

I'm going to form an elite crew of followers. Fans if you will. I have no reason to take over the blogging world, I just think it would be kind of neat to have an elite force on my side for once.That way if the Dinosaurs turn against me, I have something there as a means of protection, or in other words, a meat shield.

Also if you may have noticed, my Blog isn't all that, unique. That's because I lack the intellectual intel to actually make a pretty blog. So, please, suffer with me. I beg you.

If you're a betting person, I've got $5 saying that my blog will over time get a lot more funny. At this moment, I really have no idea what to talk about. Infact I bet you tomorrow I'll have a real post.
If not, I'll have a decent excuse why I didn't give you a real post. I have from the moment I push the publish button, until tomorrow when I have a moment to either think about a real post, or think about an excuse. Which is why I believe my excuse will be fantastic, if I fail to bring you what I promised.

At least I'm honest.

I like leaving spaces between paragraphs, thoughts or sentances.

This is an example.

I like Dinosaurs.

I think I'm done. I'll end up ranting about something that means nothing. Like that.

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