Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Real Post?

I felt like I failed you. Even though there is no one to fail. But I feel like if there were, I've failed to actually be a good Blogger.

Which is why I turned right around in my wheely chair and came back to say "I'm Sorry."

I'm Sorry potential meat shields.

I'm Sorry that I failed to give you a real post.

I'm Sorry I failed to be a real blogger.

I really hope you'll forgive me.

Also. I'm really hungry. And I don't know how to cook some things. There you go. Fun Fact about Mara.

Yay, you're learning things about me, see? I told you you would.

P.S. This is referring to my Blog's name. PG Chronicles. I really had no idea what to name a blog. I knew I wanted to have "Chronicles" in it. And PG seemed slightly appropriate. I have a tendancy to swear. A lot. So Parental Supervision, is suggested. Not really if you have a decent sense of humor, can take a joke here and there, and don't mind a bit of a potty mouth, you should be fine here.

Also. There was a random concern, about the meat shield thing. So let's just iron out this while I'm here, all my followers, may be used as meat chields in the far off future, incase there's a Dinosaur epidemeic of sorts, and the Dinosaurs turn against me and decide they want to kill me. In that specific situation, I will be calling upon all my followers and not-so-politely, asking you to sacrifice yourselves for the safety of my life.
Thank-you in advance.

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